Zeus Systems Inc.

Comprehensive Computer Solutions Perfectly Integrated!

We help your company leverage technology  utilizing your data, databases, websites, intranets, portals and integrate them so they work together in harmony.

By streamlining and automating your business processes, you increase production and revenues to grow your business.

Have us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best!

Software Consulting

We plan and implement end user information systems for businesses all around the globe.  We build solutions for all business -big or small!  Simple or complex, we can help! Learn More

Web Services

We truly care about our clients online web presence.  There is more to websites than pretty pictures , and we provide complete online website management and promotion with incredible support!Learn More

Information Technology

Zeus Systems Inc offers cutting edge infastructure options including virtualized servers, cloud servers , networking, security and more!Learn More

What are people saying about Zeus?:

“Zeus Systems designed a custom ERP solution when we couldn’t find one for our small, but growing budget.  We had a tight budget and timeline and yet Zeus was able to complete everything.  Even the loads of changes we through at them throughout the project.  Thanks so much Zeus for a great job and we fabulous support you have been providing.  I would highly recommend using Zeus Systems.”
Kirk S
“I can’t believe given the scale of this massive project, that it went to launch ahead of schedule.  The flexibility that Zeus Systems showed our staff when asked for modifications, or training changes were received and welcomed by Zeus without incident.  Easy to deal with, and very reasonably priced – Thanks Zeus and thanks James in particular!”
Karen W
“When our company needed a Document Management System and Electronic Content Management System, we were referred to Zeus.  I am very pleased with the results of this project which has been operating successfully for the past 4 years.  The service has been great, reliable and fairly inexpensive given what the competitors charge. We will continue to use Zeus and if we have any other projects, they would be a natural choice.”
Dave R
“Amazing service, very patient company who put up with us and our internal issues.  Good grief, even with all the trouble we caused, they managed to launch on time and within the costs initially outlined.  Zeus is now redesigning our website!.”
Rob K
“HOLY $h#t – James is the smartest person I have ever met.  I retired 7 years early because of him and his team.  No website can explain how smart and how much James helps and cares about my previous business.  I love his loyalty, integrity and honesty and no-one can replace his level of understanding and devotion.  I’ll spend my remaining years freinds with him now that I have so much time to go golfing – The next 10 rounds are on me!  – THANKS JAMES!!!”
Scott G

Over 200+ web based projects and counting, We Know You’ll Love Zeus Systems Inc!

Zeus Systems Inc. offers  Web Everything!  Online systems planning, design, development, promotion, measurement through traffic analysis, and much more!
  • We learn about your business and gather the requirements of the Website /Portal /ECM
  • Document the project scope and deliverables
  • We provide a mocked up live layout of menu structure and design
  • We work with you to develop engaging content that will ensure success
  • Together, if it’s a website, we research and provide the best SEO using our proven methodologies that are fair, honest and ethical
  • We use real world business intelligence to give you the tools to continuous improve the information systems
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So What Else Can We Tell You About Zeus Systems Inc. ? We’ll Tell You!

Zeus Systems Inc. offers content management systems that are loaded with features and options that make it easy for you to build, manage and maintain an online presence. We put a lot of thought and care into making your web based software  user-friendly, and our over 200+ websites and projects are  proof of that point. We know you will enjoy working with us as much as will with your organization. We offer support and maintenance that are world class!
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