Recover WIFI Password With 2 Mouse Clicks!





Do you need to recover WIFI password because it has been lost or forgotten?

Since 1990, Zeus Systems Inc has created innovative software solutions for businesses all over the world.

We constantly get asked to reset routers, wireless systems to allow users to regain access to their WIFI networks.

Most of the time these users are adding a device and simply forget what their wireless password was.

Now we have an easy DIY solutions to easily recover WIFI password.

FINALLY, A FREE, simple and easy to use application that searches through your existing Windows desktop or laptop and allows you to recover and reveal the network password based on the SSID you choose.


And guess what?  You recover WIFI password without having to reset a thing!


It doesn’t matter if you have a corporate, public or private network, ZeusKey will reveal the password for the SSID that you connected to previously.  That is if you haven’t deleted the network from your computer.  To recover WIFI password, simply follow our easy to use instructions.

NOW, there are other methods, for example, if you are computer literate and want to try this, please do so, but the Zeus solution is far easier if you already have a computer that has been connected to the WIFI before.

AND the best part of using our FREE ZeusKey is you can recover the passwords of networks that you have been connected to in the past, not just the current WIFI network!



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HELP! I got a new phone or tablet and forgot my WIFI password!

Forgot your WIFI Password?

We know how frustrating it can be to lose or forget your WIFI Password. It’s so exciting to bring home a new phone or tablet or other device only to discover you can’t get onto your WIFI Network because you have forgotten your password.

Our FREE program, ZeusKey, can help!

It’s Free and It’s Easy

  • 100%
  • No Spyware, Malware, Viruses
  • No Installation required – No need to install, just download 1 file and double click to run!
  • 2 Simple mouse clicks and your password is revealed
  • Works on Windows Operating Systems


This is a life saver for our IT team to be able to quickly transfer the passwords from one computer to another!

Phil MacPherson

Information Technology Manager

Say Hello to ZeusKey!

Say Goodbye to Forgotten WIFI Passwords!

Recover your WIFI Password in 3 Easy Mouse Clicks

No Installation

No Costs

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How Does ZeusKey Work?

On the right, is a screen capture of the main screen for ZeusKey.

It’s a very simple interface, and what it does is executes a simple DOS command on your computer and then gathers up all the information for you in an easy to use GUI.  (Graphical User Interface)

You do not need to Install any “Programs” to use ZeusKey.

Simple download and double click the ZeusKey.exe file to run it.

You do not need to uninstall any “Programs” to remove ZeusKey.  All you have to do is move it to your trash bin.

It works on Microsoft Windows™ Operating Systems.



Recover WIFI password - ZeusKey Wifi Pass Recovery Screen Capture

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Amazingly simple to use!

WIFI Password Recovery

It’s never been so easy!

  • Download ZeusKey
  • Double click ZeusKey.exe in your downloads folder to begin
  • 2 Mouse clicks and your password is revealed!
  • Copy and paste your password

How to use ZeusKey



After starting the application by double clicking the download ZeusKey.exe , you are presented with the screen to the right.

Click “Get list of Networks” and when the list box below that button gets filled, simply click on the network or SSID or you want the password recovery.

OR, enter the SSID manually in the text box that says “SSID”


Click Image to the right to enlarge

Recover WIFI password- ZeusKey Wifi Pass Recovery How to Use Step 1

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Click “Show Password” to reveal the WIFI password for the SSID you selected or entered into the SSID Text Box.

You can also click “Show Details” to learn more information about that particular WIFI Network



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Recover WIFI password - ZeusKey Wifi Pass Recovery How to Use Step 2

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To EXIT, simple click the “X” on the top right of the programs Screen.








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Recover WIFI password - ZeusKey Wifi Pass Recovery How to Use Step 3

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